Welcoming the Unwelcome – Online ‘book club’ with Maureen Cooper

From 14 October until 25 November, there will be an online bookclub to study Pema Chödrön’s: Welcoming the Unwelcome.


Locatie: online

Toekomstige data:
  • 14 oktober 2020 18:30 uur
  • 21 oktober 2020 18:30 uur
  • 28 oktober 2020 18:30 uur
  • 4 november 2020 18:30 uur
  • 11 november 2020 18:30 uur
  • 18 november 2020 18:30 uur
  • 25 november 2020 18:30 uur

  Datum:  woensdag 14 oktober tot 25 november (7 sessies)
  Tijd: 18:30 uur tot 20:00 uur
  Aantal lesdagen: 7 woensdagen
  Taal: Engels
  Instructeur(s): Maureen Cooper

  Standaardtarief: € 35,-
  Studenten- en minimatarief: € 25,-*
  Rigpa abonnementhouders: € 0,-


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Pema Chodron’s new book, Welcoming the Unwelcome is particularly relevant to living through this pandemic. She encourages us to rejoice in our vulnerability and to use it to understand other people better. She helps us to see how our constant search for comfort ends up limiting us and makes for unhelpful habits. She reminds us that everything we do matters and why we need to take responsibility for our actions.
For 7 weeks from 14 October until 25 November, there will be an online bookclub to study this book. Sessions will be from 18.30 to 20.00 each Wednesday and will be held in English. 
People wanting to attend need to buy the book and commit to reading 3 (short) chapters as a preparation for each session. The book is also available in Dutch: “Alles hier is Welkom”
The session will be practical, interactive and fun!

About Maureen Cooper: 
Maureen has been been practising Tibetan Buddhismfor more than 40 years and has helped on Rigpa programmes for most of that time. She is the founding director of Awareness in Action  an organization dedicated to supporting people to make sustainable wellbeing part of their lives—through developing clarity, connection and openness. She leads workshops and training programs in the UK and Europe and online. She has published two books on stress bringing together the best of modern science and the wisdom of the Buddhist teachings into practical manuals for thriving in today’s fast-paced world. Although born in London, UK, love took Maureen to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she lives with her husband.

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