Vajrasattva beoefening

Een maandelijkse Vajrasattva beoefening


  Vanaf: 13 januari 2018 maandelijks
  Starttijd: 14.00 uur, korte pauze om 15.15 uur
  Eindtijd: 17.00
  Rigpa abonnementhouders: € 0,-


We starten met een maandelijkse Vajrasattvabeoefening in samenhang met de Ngondro-mandala dagen. We zullen vooral de 100 lettergrepige mantra accumuleren en ter inspiratie hiervan tonen we ook korte onderricht-video’s. Alle sanghaleden bekend met de beoefening zijn van harte welkom!

Waarom is dit zo belangrijk?  Lees deze brief van het beoefeningsteam in Lerab Ling:

Dear Practitioners of the Rigpa Sangha,

Many practices have been recommended in the past months as being beneficial for Rinpoche’s health. Yet among those, the one of foremost importance remains—as Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche repeatedly points out—the practice of Vajrasattva.  Vajrasattva remains our focus for the next 3 years.

As we know, there is no method more powerful or profound than Vajrasattva practice for healing ourselves, purifying our own karma, processing ourselves emotionally, enhancing our own longevity and attaining realization on our spiritual path—and at the same time, ensuring Rinpoche’s good health and long life.

This is especially important right now, to support Rinpoche’s full recovery and create the best circumstances for the coming months.








Ngondro and Dzogchen mandala students, please accumulate Vajrasattva 100 Syllable mantra as much as possible. If we all accomplish at least 1 mala a day we will easily accomplish our goal of 100 million 100 syllable mantras annually!
Please submit your numbers regularly on the New Accumulation System, preferably once a month, so that we can see our progress:


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