The Lost Art of Contemplation

In this workshop, we are going to investigate the questions ‘who am I? Who is the other?’ We have a strong belief in a solid ‘I’, ‘self’ and ‘others’. Based on this notion we make all sorts of decisions. ‘I’ is our closest advisor in all that we do and we mostly follow his orders. But is ‘I’ really so solid as we believe it is? Are ‘others’ really so different from us?


  Saturday 10 December 2016
  10.00 – 16.00 hrs
  Language: English

  Standardfee: € 20,-
  Student fee: € 10,-*
  Rigpa members: € 10,-


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Lighten up your life and be more free by dropping what does not help or is simply not there!

For anyone interested in gaining an embodied experience and deeper understanding of themselves, others and the world. We will explore together—through contemplation—our thoughts, beliefs and relationship to what we simply call call ‘me’ and most importantly we will enquire if and how this ‘me’ contributes to us being happy. These contemplations are grounded in authentic Buddhist philosophy and shared in an experimental, open, accessible, down to earth, and fun way.

About the instructor, Davide Piaidsc04988-2

Davide is a passionate educator and teacher of Buddhist philosophy focused on bringing the essence of these teachings into everyday modern life, in a way that is accessible and relevant for all. He has intensively studied Buddhist philosophy for 20 years, including five years at a traditional study college in Nepal as well as a three year retreat and study programme at The Institute of Wisdom & Compassion in France.

* Voor studenten geldt een korting van 50% op het cursusgeld. Om voor deze korting in aanmerking te komen dien je een kopie van je studenten(OV)pas op te sturen naar Stichting Rigpa, t.a.v. het secretariaat.

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