Online: Welcoming the Unwelcome – With Maureen Cooper

Een online cursus over Pema Chodron’s nieuwe boek: Welcoming the Unwelcome.


  Data: 8 April tot 6 mei (iedere woensdag)
  Tijd: 18:00 uur – 19:00 uur

  Rigpa abonnementhouders: € 0,-

Om mee te kunnen doen met deze online cursus is aanmelden verplicht. 

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Welcome the Unwelcome

Message of Maureen Cooper: 
I have just finished reading Pema Chodron’s new book, Welcoming the Unwelcome. It’s really excellent and fits the current situation very well.
Over 6 weeks I will be holding an online ‘book club’ to explore the ideas and practices in the book.
People wanting to attend need to buy the book  and commit to reading 4 chapters as a preparation for each session. 
We’ll make it practical, interactive and fun!
I hope you can join me.

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