Online: Wednesday Book Club – Emotional Rescue

In de Wednesday Book Club wordt dit keer het boek Emotional Rescue van Dzogchen Ponlop bestudeerd.


  Data: Woensdag 10 juni tot 19 augustus (6 woensdagavonden)
  Tijd: 18:00 uur tot 19:30 uur
  Taal: Engels

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The Wednesday Book Club is happy to announce our next book to study: Emotional Rescue by Dzogchen Ponlop.
This is a wonderful book that shows us how to gain the awareness and self-understanding to harness the power of our emotions. Rinpoche lays out a three-step Emotional Rescue Plan for us to follow—a plan that really works!
Our group is lively, with study, discussion and exchange. Participants can volunteer to introduce a chapter to the group. Sometimes we have short video extracts, examples of practice and quote cards as reminders. We would love to have you join us!

Please order to book yourself and read the Introduction and the first two chapters before the first meeting.


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