Afgezegd/Cancelled: Mind Unbound – Urban Mini Retreat

During this one day mini retreat we will explore our mind and try to meet its different modes of being with an open awareness. The theme of this day is: ‘The art of not doing’.


======= deze bijeenkomst zal niet plaatsvinden wegens het corona virus ========

  Date: March 22nd
  Time: 11.00 – 17:00



Event Details

The Art of Not Doing

Looking in our agendas we recognized no space. No space for nothing. No nothing. This made us wonder: what happens when we stop doing?

This day we will create together an intervention. A space for being, in time, with whatever comes up in our body, thoughts and feelings. This might be a frightening, joyful or boring experience. We do not know yet. Whatever will occupy us, we will only know then. But, we try to create a space for it. Investigating our own experiences, and our relationship to them, with curiosity and non-judgement.

More about the program of the day will follow soon.

We will be practicing various meditation exercises and share with each other in interactive contemplation. You do not have to have experience in meditation; a wish to explore your mind and heart is enough.

A delicious lunch will be provided, please bring 5 euro cash to cover the costs.

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