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The Rigpa Code of Conduct and the Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community have been adopted by all the boards of the Rigpa entities in June 2018.

Rigpa is committed to creating a culture where every person feels confident and empowered to give feedback fearlessly, express their concerns and report unethical behavior.

Extensive advice about ethical conduct already exists within the teaching of Buddha. In the Code of Conduct, we summarise certain key features while providing practical guidelines to clarify what is expected of all who participate in Rigpa events and activities. Everyone who participates in Rigpa has a responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of the land and the values outlined in this Rigpa Code of Conduct.

Over several months, the international Rigpa community took part in a series of workshops and discussions, and had opportunities to submit feedback on these issues. Their combined input was also distilled into a broad set of Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community, which are rooted in the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist path, and complement the Code of Conduct for Rigpa members and anyone with a role in the activities associated with Rigpa.

In setting out certain values and standards of behaviour, we hope the Code of Conduct and the Guidelines will not only serve as a basis for education and training, but also inspire individuals to reflect on their own behaviour in the light of contemporary secular and Buddhist ethical standards, and provide a clear basis to report breaches of conduct and resolve grievances.

In addition to the Code and Guidelines, a Grievance Procedure has been developed, that is easy to use, with options for resolving conflicts, receiving formal complaints and making recommendations on misconduct to boards and national teams. The Procedure will be announced once we have received the results of the investigation report, as this may include additional recommendations.

Read the Rigpa Code of Conduct and Shared Values & Guidelines of the Rigpa Community